Can You Be Liable For A Contractor’s Actions?

The following is an excerpt from:

How To Manage Contractors At Your Worksite – By Portner Press on July 25th, 2019

If any contractor or subcontractor on your worksite is injured, you can be held concurrently liable.
Concurrent liability is when two or more parties are found independently liable for the same incident.
To reduce the chance of being found concurrently liable for any injury that occurs at your worksite, 
you will need to show that you have managed your health and safety obligations in regards to contractors.
You will need to:
  1. Perform a due diligence check
  2. Carry out an induction
  3. Review the contractor’s safe work procedures
  4. Monitor the workers
If you do not take steps to ensure workers follow safe work procedures, 
your business may be exposed to greater liability for any health and safety
incidents that occur because a worker failed to follow a safe work procedure.

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